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New Account

Create a new user account is an important feature in a webhosting control panel.

You can easily add a new user account in CWP.

To create a new user account,

login to CWP as root


Navigate to

 User accounts --> New Account  --> Here enter the Domain name, Username, Password, Package, Reseller, Inodes limit etc.

Then Click create button.

NB: don’t use special characters under user name
You can add Internationalized Domain Names (IDN )in CWP.
To set up a CWP with IDN , you must convert it to Punycode. To convert an IDN from the native character set to Punycode,
you can visit http://mct.verisign-grs.com

This option will create a new user and MySQL user with the same username.
By default shell access should be disabled, if enabled user will have /bin/bash.

Processes: The maximum number of processes available to a single user.
Open Files: The maximum number of open files available to a single user.

Don’t use www. in front of your domain when creating an account as www. subdomain will be automatically added.



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