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Edit Settings

CWP is a great webhosting panel for centos servers. It is easy to edit settings on CWP.

We can change below parameters from CWP settings.

login to CWP as admin,


  • Shared IP

Navigate  to

 CWP Settings --> Edit Settings

If you want to  replace Shared IP field with Default/New IP Address

  • Apache port

Navigate to

  CWP Settings --> Edit Settings

Default Apache port is 80. If you were using Varnish Cache or Nginx Reverse Proxy you must change Apache port

  • Admin Email

Navigate to

 CWP Settings --> Edit Settings

Look for the Admin Email field and enter the desired email address. It’s also a good idea to check the option Forward server system emails

  • NAT Local IP

In some cases, issue will came  when it’s  private or NAT-ed network .We need to use a private IP address which is configured on your server
We need to enable NAT-ed network and enter private IP

 CWP-Settings –> Edit Settings

We need to rebuild Apache Virtual Hosts after this change

In NAT-ed setup “Shared IP” needs to be your public IP and “NAT Local IP” will be the IP set on your server,

you can check the local IP in CWP by via

 Service SSH –> Network Configuration.

You can check the IP’s configured on your server by using a shell command.



ip add sh
  • CWP Update status

We can select 2 types of CWP update

Stable (Stable version, at least two weeks tested)  and Latest (Latest version, NOT fully tested)

Stable is recommended

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