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CSF Firewall

In this module you can configure everything related to the server’s Firewall.

Navigate to:

Security --> CSF Firewall

Firewall Configuration: Edit the configuration file for the csf firewall and lfd.

Firewall PRE Configuration: Run external commands before csf configures iptables.

Firewall POST Configuration: Run external commands after csf configures iptables.

View iptables Rules: Display the active iptables rules.

Quick Allow: Allow IP address through the firewall and add to the allow file (csf.allow).

Quick Deny: Block IP address in the firewall and add to the deny file (csf.deny).

Quick Unblock: Remove IP address from the firewall (temp and perm blocks).

Firewall Allow IPs: Edit csf.allow, the IP address allow file.

Firewall Deny IPs: Edit csf.deny, the IP address deny file.

Here all blocked IP addresses will be listed with their respective comment.

Firewall Enable: Enables csf and lfd if previously Disabled.

Firewall Disable: Completely disables csf and lfd.

Firewall Restart: Restart the csf iptables firewall.

Firewall Quick Restart: Have lfd restart the csf iptables firewall.

Flush all Blocks: Removes and unblocks all entries in csf.deny (excluding those marked “do not delete”) and all temporary IP entries (blocks and allows).

lfd Status: Display lfd status.

lfd Restart: Restart lfd.

Update: Check for Updates.

Test iptables: Check that iptables has the required modules to run csf.

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