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Crontab for users

crontab is to Schedule a command to run at a later time.It is a very helpfull tool in Linux.

login to CWP as root


Navigate to

Server Settings --> Crontab for root --> Add Common Cron Jobs or Add Custom Cron Jobs --> put command #Don't forget to always use a full path

We can change settings to schedule command according to the requirement.

 Add Common Cron Jobs

CWP already have a list of pre-build crontat settings, You can simply select settings and input command.

Add Custom Cron Jobs

If you want to customise cron settings , You have an option to do that also.Select settings according to your requirement


field allowed values
minute 059
hour 023
day of month 131
month 112 (or names; see example below)
day of week 07 (0 or 7 is Sunday, or use names; see below)



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