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Set up a Backup

How to set up a backup


  • Choose the “Backup Settings” tab
      1. Choose the “Accounts Server” tab.
          • Select users or packages for which you want to enable backup.

      2. Choose the “Features and Settings” Tab.
          • In the features that you will be able to keep as backup of find:
              • Features
                  – Dominios, Subdominios, Cron Jobs, Account Password, Home Directory, Records in DNS domains, Mail users and mail aliases, Contents of server Mysql databases.

      3. Choose “Destination” Tab.
          • Choose “Backup Destinations” tab.
            • Local file or Directory.

            • FTP Server IP.

            • SSH Server.

          • Choose “Backup Level” tab.

          • Option Incremental.
          • Option Compressed.
      4. Choose “Frequency and Execution” tab.
        • Execution Schedule.
          • Daily Backup Retention.
          • Weekly Backup Retention.
          • Monthly Backup Retention.
        • Frequency Details.
          • Daily: You can define that your backup is made one or more days of the week
          • Weekly: For the weekly backup configuration you can only choose one day of the week for this
          • Monthly: The Monthly setting allows you to choose the backup options shown in the image
      5. Choose “Notifications” tab.


            • In this section you can configure different types of notifications depending on the event that happens.


Once you have completed the configuration of your backup, you will see a summary similar to this, on the right side of your screen.


You can activate or deactivate the execution of the backup from the control buttons (ON / OFF), you can also allow the use of these backup copies for users


To run a backup manually, you only have to click on the RUN button. Take into account that the backup must be active in the log list



You can give access to the backup of user accounts to the owners of these accounts, from the “By default for the user” button.

Once activated, the user will have a new tab in the backup module that will allow them to restore their backup from the location generated by you.



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