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Backup Configuration

In this Section you can make the local Backup configuration, indicate if you want to make the daily, weekly or monthly Backup of the accounts and databases.

Navigate to:

CWP Settings --> Backup configuration

Backup Folder Local: Path where the backup will be saved, if the path does not exist, it will be created automatically.

Note: This Backup is Incremental and occupies a large space.

To save the configuration click on save changes.

  • Backup Folder: Selected destination to store the result.
  • Daily Backup: Select to run daily backups.
  • Weekly Backup: Select to run weekly backups.
  • Monthly Backups: Select for monthly backups.
  • Mysql Backups: select backups for mysql database.
  • Backups All Users: Select backups for all users.
  • Backups vMails: select backups of email accounts.

Remote Backup Settings: This module has the functionality of making backup copies according to its schedule on external servers. It is important to note that it only works with Access-Key, it can be configured daily, weekly or monthly.

To run the remote backup system, you must enter the data shown in the following image.

Temp Folder: Temporary directory where the files will be stored before copying it remotely.

Server IP: IP or hostname where the files will be copied.

Username: User CPN SSH access to the remote server.

SSH-Port: The port for the SSH connection to the remote server.

Access-Key: To the remote server.


1- Make sure that the SSH-Port is open in the firewall of both servers.

2- Make sure the SSH-Key is allowed on your remote server.

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