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Crontab for root

crontab is to Schedule a command to run at a later time.It is a very helpfull tool in Linux. We can setup crontab for normal users from admin panel

login to CWP as root


Navigate to

Server Settings --> Crontab for users --> Input crontab details

We can add new cron there, It’s easy to select cron user.

There are three cron settings

Common Cron Jobs

CWP already have a list of pre-build crontat settings, You can simply select settings and input command.

Custom Cron Jobs

If you want to customise cron settings , You have an option to do that also.Select settings according to your requirement

Full Custom Cron Jobs

In Full custom cron jobs, you can input full crontab entry like in commandline.

Each entry in a crontab file consists of six fields, specifying in the following order:

  minute(s) hour(s) day(s) month(s) weekday(s) command(s)
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