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Cwp to Cwp Migration

This module is designed for the migration of multiple accounts between the cwp servers.


  • Migrate multiple accountsfrom the multiple remote servers
  • Configure the number of simultaneous processes
  • Package and account migration

To perform the migration you must follow a few simple steps:

  • To create a connection to your remote/source CWP server first you must generate an API Key on your Source CWP server, To create an API key/token, use API Manager (CWP Settings >> API Manager). You can click on the CWP to CWP button and you will have the necessary options selected.
  • When you have created an API key on the Source CWP Server then you need proceed to CWP.admin >> User Accounts >> CWP->CWP Migration on the Destination server – to create a connection to Old/Source CWP.
  • Once the connection is created you will see a list in the Remote/Source Server option list where you can see all the connections to the different servers from where you want to migrate accounts.
  • To start the migration, choose one of the remote/source server then you will get the list of packages and accounts from remote/source CWP server, packages and accounts that have already been migrated will have the label transferred. Reseller and suspended accounts will also be identified.
  • Select the packages and accounts that you decide to migrate to your current CWP server (destination server) and click on Start migration, in a few seconds the migration will start.
  • You can see the real time progress of your migration.
  • You can perform any other operation on your server as the migration will be running in the background, you can always return to the module and see the status of your current migrations or delete it.
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