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FTP Manager v2

In this module you will be able to manage the configuration, the users and the FTP sessions from one place.

Navigate to:

File Management --> FTP Manager v2

NOTE: Please don’t use special characters for username and password.

User List

You will be able to see the detailed list with the users, name, path and it will have actions for Change Password and Remove.

Add user

Select the domain, enter the username, password, confirm the password, FTP path and click Submit.

Edit Configuration 

Indicate the required information:

ChrootEveryone, BrokenClientsCompatibility, MaxClientsNumber, Daemonize, MaxClientsPerIP, VerboseLog, DisplayDotFiles, AnonymousOnly, NoAnonymous, SyslogFacility, DontResolve, MaxIdleTime, PureDB, PAMAuthentication, UnixAuthentication, LimitRecursion, AnonymousCanCreateDirs, MaxLoad, AntiWarez, Umask, MinUID, UseFtpUsers, AllowUserFXP, AllowAnonymousFXP, ProhibitDotFilesWrite, ProhibitDotFilesRead, AutoRename, AnonymousCantUpload, AltLog, MaxDiskUsage, CustomerProof, TLS, TLSCipherSuite, CertFile.

Click Update.

Active Sessions 

You can see the list of active sessions with information about PID, Account, Time, State, File name, Remote, host Kbytes and Local host.

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