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cPanel Account Restore (OLD)

This tool allows the migration of accounts from cPanel in an easy and simple way.


Complete the following steps to successfully complete your migration.

    • Generate a backup of the account to migrate from the cPanel or Whm and copy it to the / home / directory of your server with CWP, (The backup must be compressed and in .tar.gz format).
    • Choose the account to be imported from the CPanel Migration module.
    • Associate the account to create a package already created.
    • Enter a password for the new hosting account.
    • Choose what you want to migrate from your backup (Domains and Subdomains, Databases, Files of your account, Correos y Alias, Crontab).
    • You can create email accounts with a password defined by you.

Once the account’s migration has begun, a progress of the process will be shown and it will be notified when it is finished.

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