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DKIM Manager

In this module you can manage the DKIM and SPF settings for each of the domains and subdomains created on the server.

Navigate to:

Email --> DKIM Manager

In the list you can see the added DKIMs and SPFs, with information about Domain, User, TrustedHosts, KeyTable, v = DKIM1 and v = spf1. It will have actions such as Check Records, Edit file, Edit Records and + SPF Records.

In each record you can editthe DNS zones, SOA parameters and add SPF records.

Check Records: This is used to verify that it is working correctly.

Edit File: Edit the configuration file manually.

Edit Record: Create, delete and edit DNS Zone records.

+SPF Records: add the SPF option to that specific domain.

NOTE: Don’t forget to create your mail server with DKIM and SPF to activate this setting.

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