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This Module allows the user of type Reseller to manage a group of hosting account.

You will be able to add new accounts, Edit, Suspend, Suspend and delete these accounts.

To add Accounts click on the + icon.

Write Domain name, username, password, Admin Email, select Package, Click Additional Opctions an Click Create.

You can also create custom packages for your clients.

To add Packages click on the + icon.

Add descriptions and Click Create.

In the tab Features, you can allow the modules that will be shown to your clients, By default all modules will be shown to clients.

Add new feature settings and Click Save.

In the Nameserves tab you can customize the name of being a server for your clients.

Select ns1 and Click Create and save NameServers.

Branding,  in this tab you can upload a logo to be replaced by the CWP logo on your clients’ accounts.

Load the image in PNG format and the width is 200px, configure the footer and Click Save.


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