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Reseller Account List

After logging into https: // MYIP: 2031

Go to: Menu -> User Accounts ->List Accounts


On the account list you also have many different management options:

List actions:

    • Search.
    • Filters (All, Active, Suspended).
    • Sorting by cells.
    • Pagination.

Account Actions:

    • Enable / Disable Backup.
    • Change package for the account.
    • Account Status (Activate / Suspend).
    • Edit DNS Zone.
    • Change of password.
    • Account edit.
    • Account removal.


The list has 9 columns that are divided as follows:

– Username
– Domain
– IP Address
– Email
– Setup Time
– Package
– Reseller
– Disk Usage
– Actions


  • Username: It shows the name of the user account in addition to two small icons to directly open the website or the user panel.
  • Domain: It shows the name of the main domain of the account, in addition to a small icon that allows you to directly open the website.
  • IP Address: The IP address assigned to the hosting account..
  • Email: An email account of the account owner.
  • Setup Time: The date when account was created on the server.
  • Package: It shows the name of the Package, also allows the change of the package from the same list. It also shows a swich icon to enable or disable backups for this account.
  • Reseller: Shows the type of account, where:
    RESELLER: Reseller Account.
    Username: Reseller Sub Account.
    – – – : User account.
  • Disk Usage: Disk Space Used.
  • Actions: Management buttons for account:
    • Account status: Activate or suspend the account.
    • Edit DNS Zone: Allows you to directly edit the DNS zone for the account.
    • Change of password: Make the password change for the account.
    • Edit Account: Allows major changes to the account.
    • Delete Account: Delete the account from the server



Note: When the account type is RESELLER if the account status is changed, a dialog box with different options is displayed

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