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Create Reseller Account


The process to create a reseller account is identical as for an end-user, the difference is in the privileges of the plan assigned to him, this plan must have reseller privileges, to know more how to create reseller plans follow this link.


To create a new account go to:

Menu -> User Accounts -> New Accounts


Enter all the form data:


Domain name: Is the name of the primary domain for the account to create.

Username: Name for the user of the account, this name must not exceed 8 characters and must not have specific characters.

Password: Password for the user, it is recommended that you have at least 12 alphanumerical characters

Admin Email: Email address for the account owner.

Server IPs: IP address assigned to the account, in the case of resellers all sub-accounts will have this ip.

Package: Name of the package that will be assigned, for this account to be a reseller type, it is necessary that the package has the reseller privileges.

Reseller: If package has reseller privileges, the check box will be marked.

Inode: Limit inode number for this account.

Process limit: Limit process number for this account.

Open files: Limit max Open files for this account.

Additional Options:

Backup user account: Check for backup activation of this account.

Shell Access: Check for shell activation for this account.

AutoSSL: Check to Try to create autossl for the domain name of this account.




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