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Edit reseller account

You can access this option from the account list via cwp.admin



The current account information will be displayed on the edit form and you can edit the following data:


Username: Not editable.

Main Domain: Not editable.

IP Address: IP address related to the account.

Admin Email: Account owner account email.

Account Type: Non-reseller, Reseller, Sub-account.

Package: Package related to the account and the type of Account.

Inode: Inode limit number for the account.

Process limit: Max number of processes for the account.

Open files: Maximum number of files opened for the account.


Update DNS zone files: Checkbox that allows you to update the DNS zone after the update.

Update WebServers: Checkbox that allows updating the web server options for the account.

Backup user account: Checkbox to activate or deactivate the backup after the update.

Shell Access: Checkbox to activate the use of shell access for the account after the update.


Note: To change the type of Reseller account, it must not have associated sub-accounts, otherwise, it will not allow performing the action.

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